Version 0.3.0
  • Added all current evos in Global
  • Made updating this slightly easier
Previous Versions:
  • Added all current Global units + materials (bulbs/turbo units)
  • Added dragon batch, earth/thunder vortex units, xmas units, and shida batch
  • Added Fiora, Kuda, Semira, Ultor batch 6*s
  • Added Kagamine Rin/Len
  • Added Ulkina 6* batch
  • Added Fiora batch
  • Added Elza batch
Unit Name Cost Materials

Total Zel Cost zel

Mech Gods Totems Pots Idols Spirits Nymphs Bulbs Tones
Element_Fire Fire
Element_Water Water
Element_Earth Earth
Element_Thunder Thunder
Element_Light Light
Element_Dark Dark
Miracle Totem
Miracle Bulb
Dragon Mimic
Metal Mimic
Bat Mimic
Legend Stone

Future Plans

  • Ability to export/create a link to a team so people can easily show their teams to others (for flair/advise)
  • Add unit stats ala Knitwitz's spreadsheet (?) - still thinking if this is useful